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Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS®)

Port of Anchorage (866) 257-6787 Port of Anchorage PORTS® Text Screen Port of Anchorage PORTS® Mobile

Cape Cod (888) 714-2776 Cape Cod PORTS® Text Screen Cape Cod PORTS® Mobile

Charleston Harbor (855) 216-2137 Charleston Harbor PORTS® Text Screen Charleston Harbor PORTS® Mobile

Cherry Point (888) 817-7794 Cherry Point PORTS® Text Screen Cherry Point PORTS® Mobile

Chesapeake Bay North
Chesapeake Bay South
(866) 247-6787 Chesapeake Bay North PORTS® Text Screen Chesapeake Bay South PORTS®> Text Screen Northern Chesapeake Bay PORTS® Mobile(N)   Southern Chesapeake Bay PORTS® Mobile(S)

Corpus Christi (866) 728-1897 Corpus Christi PORTS® Text Screen Corpus Christi PORTS® Mobile

Cuyahoga (800) 376-1192 Cuyahoga PORTS® Text Screen Cuyahoga PORTS® Mobile

Delaware River and Bay (866) 307-6787 Delaware River & Bay PORTS® Text Screen Delaware River and Bay PORTS® Mobile

(866) 447-6787 Houston - Galveston PORTS® Text Screen Houston/Galveston PORTS® Mobile

Humboldt Bay (855) 876-5015 Humboldt Bay PORTS® Text Screen Humboldt Bay PORTS® Mobile

Jacksonville Jacksonville PORTS® Text Screen Jacksonville PORTS® Mobile

Lake Charles (888) 817-7692 Lake Charles PORTS® Text Screen Lake Charles PORTS® Mobile

Los Angeles/
Long Beach
NONE Los Angeles/Long BeachPORTS® Text Screen Los Angeles/Long Beach PORTS® Mobile

Lower Columbia River 1-888-537-6787 Lower Columbia River PORTS® Text Screen Lower Columbia River PORTS® Mobile

Lower Mississippi River (888) 817-7767 Lower Mississippi River PORTS® Text Screen Lower Mississippi River PORTS® Mobile

Miami (888) 270-6145 Miami PORTS® Text Screen Miami PORTS® Mobile

Mobile Bay (877) 847-6787 Mobile Bay PORTS® Text Screen Mobile Bay PORTS® Mobile

Morgan City (888) 312-4113 Morgan City PORTS® Text Screen Morgan City PORTS® Mobile

Narragansett Bay (866) 757-6787 Narragansett Bay PORTS® Text Screen Narragansett Bay PORTS® Mobile

New Haven (888) 807-6787 New Haven PORTS® Text Screen New Haven PORTS® Mobile

New London (855) 626-0509 New London PORTS® Text Screen New London PORTS® Mobile

New York/
New Jersey
(866) 217-6787 NY/NJ PORTS® Text Screen NY/NJ PORTS® Mobile

Pascagoula (888) 257-1857 Pascagoula PORTS® Text Screen Pascagoula PORTS® Mobile

Port Everglades (866) 213-5269 Port Everglades PORTS® Text Screen Port Everglades PORTS® Mobile

Port Fourchon (855) 687-2084 Port Fourchon PORTS® Text Screen Port Fourchon PORTS® Mobile

Sabine Neches (888) 257-1859 Sabine Neches PORTS® Text Screen Sabine Neches PORTS® Mobile

San Francisco (866) 727-6787 San Francisco PORTS® Text Screen San Francisco PORTS® Mobile

Savannah (855) 907-3136 Savannah PORTS® Text Screen Savannah PORTS® Mobile

Soo Locks (301) 713-9596 Soo Locks PORTS® Text Screen Soo Locks PORTS® Lock Master Table Soo Locks PORTS® Mobile

St. Charles Parish Project (866) 557-6787

Tacoma (888) 607-6787 Tacoma PORTS® Text Screen Tacoma PORTS® Mobile

Tampa Bay (866) 827-6787 Tampa Bay PORTS® Text Screen Tampa Bay PORTS® Mobile




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NWS New York
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NWS Portland, OR
NWS San Francisco
NWS Seattle
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